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About Students Visa

Our mission is to provide honest, efficient and competent student visa application services to individuals who would like to study in Australia, Canada, UK and the USA, all while making sure that the institutions these students land get the best candidates.

The process of immigration is often stressful and exhausting. The uncertainty of whether your application will be successful or not usually takes a toll on one’s psyche. That why we provide coaching services that aim to encourage, support and guide our students through this process.

We also take this time to train and improve your proficiency in the English language, both in its verbal and written form. This is so that we can prepare you for any interviews that may be requested and to also help in your anticipated settling in.

Students Visa Process

As Global Choice Immigration, we will help you meet all the required formalities so that you can have a successful visa application. We do this by:

  1. We will help you have in place all the necessary documents you need for a successful application.
  2. We will advise on all the financial aspects expected in the application process such as healthcare surcharge.
  3. Advise on the best time to apply for your student visa and the best education institutions for you to apply.
  4. We will take you through application of your student visa.

Admission Process

Our Immigration policy is focused on providing the best services during the visa application process and after to ensure that you settle in nicely in your new country.

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